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Tiger Woods on whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan is greatest player of all time

LeBron James


During his press conference before the Players Championship, Tiger Woods was asked if he thought LeBron James or Michael Jordan was the greatest NBA player of all time.

Enjoy his answer.

“It has changed, and they’re both great in different ways. I think that if you look at M.J. he was a prolific scorer and played defense like no other, was always first-team all-defense,” Woods said.

“But LeBron is different. He’s like a hybrid of M.J. and Magic, which is so different, because he’s bringing the ball up a lot. M.J. never really did that. I mean, he had Pip (Scottie Pippen) as a point forward a lot of times, and you would think that was kind of LeBron-ish, but they’re very different in how they help both teams.

“I think what M.J. did getting to the Finals and dominating the league like he did, he did it in a different way than LeBron is doing it, just because of the nature of their body, the build and their game and their mental makeup.

“But at the end of the day, they both win, and they’re both guys that we look at and say, it’s unbelievable what they’re doing, and they’re just changing the game, the game how it’s played. We didn’t know it could be played that way, and they both have done it.”

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