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Tom Crean not backing away from challenging Kentucky

Tom Crean and John Calipari will battle on and off the court again. (Vicky Graff Photo)


When he was coach at Indiana, Tom Crean seemed to have a knack for infuriating Kentucky fans.

The annual UK-Indiana series went by the wayside and no  matter how much some tried to get the schools back playing each year, it didn’t happen — and still hasn’t even after Crean left.

Crean recently was named head coach at Georgia after the Bulldogs fired Mark Fox.  Now he’ll get a chance to go head to head with UK and coach John Calipari on the court at least twice each season.

He’ll also have to go against Calipari in recruiting as he did with E.J. Montgomery this spring — and Montgomery picked Kentucky. Kentucky also has a verbal commitment from Georgia junior guard Ashton Hagans.

But once again, Crean is going to find a way to irritate UK fans. He was on ESPN’s “Pardon My Take” podcast and was as brash as ever when it comes to Calipari and Kentucky.

“You’re going to have to go up against Cal every single year. You said you don’t recruit someone else’s race, and I agree with that. You obviously can’t go after Kentucky guys,”  Pardon My Take co-host Dan Katz told Crean.

The coach’s response?

“Yes you can,” Crean said on the podcast.

Crean also correctly pointed out that he did beat UK two of the last three times he faced the Cats at Indiana. That included one NCAA Tournament win.


  1. THWTC…….he is all talk and sweat. Today is the day we get a lot of good news on next year’s team. I would take Travis Reid in a heartbeat over PJ if that choice has to be made….would be nice to have both. Vando is a must because he teased us with his little opportunities last year. If Wenyan takes a hike am okay with that. Go Cats!!

  2. Why would he want Cal’s players, when he can do so much better with his own. I do not see how Cal can be friends with this creep? Very few people are repulsive, Crean is the worse! He may be a great guy, but he sure comes across in a bad way. I do not see how he is able to recruit.

    He picked the wrong battle against Cal. Let’s see what the next few years brings. I will bet on Cal each and every time!

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