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“Tough day” ends Danica Patrick’s career

In case you missed it, Danica Patrick crashed on lap 68 of the Indianapolis 500 Sunday to end her racing career.

It was her last race before her retirement and first Indy 500 since 2011. After that she switched to NASCAR.

Patrick was not happy after the crash as shown by her short time in the interview room.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you for coming in, Danica. We appreciate it.

DANICA PATRICK: I didn’t really want to.

THE MODERATOR: Obviously not the result you wanted to do, still much to be proud of this month, and with a tremendous career. Tell us a little bit about what happened today, but more than that, what this month meant to you and your impressions of the last year.

DANICA PATRICK: The last year?

THE MODERATOR: This year running the double.

DANICA PATRICK: All right. Let me just talk.

Definitely not a great ending, but I kind of said before I came here that I feel like if it’s a complete disaster, ‘complete’ like as in not in the ballpark at all, look silly, then people might remember that. If I win, people will remember that. But probably anything in between might just be a little part of a big story. So I kind of feel like that’s how it is, you know.

I’m appreciative for all the fans, for Go Daddy, for Ed Carpenter Racing for giving me a good car. Today was a tough day. A little bit of it was okay, a lot of it was tough to drive.

Take my mic away, I’ll leave. I don’t even want to be here because I’m pretty sad. I guess I’ll stop there.

I will say, though, for sure I’m very grateful for everybody and for being able to finish it up like I wanted to. It still was a lot of great moments this month, a lot of great moments this year.


Q. You seemed relaxed before the race. Did you have a lot of nerves or emotions in the hours leading up?
DANICA PATRICK: Yeah, for sure, I was. I was definitely nervous. But I found myself most of the time on the grid feeling confused. What part of prerace we were in? I was like, I don’t remember this. Where are the taps? When is the anthem? I had all my people around me, so I was in good spirits.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you for joining us. We appreciate it.

DANICA PATRICK: Thank you, guys. Appreciate everything. I’ll miss you, most of the time. Maybe you’ll miss me just a little. Thanks, guys.

Like many of you out there about to be retiring in peace, we wish her all the best!

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