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Another platoon system would depend on players buying in again

John Calipari. (Vicky Graff Photo)


With Ashton Hagans now officially part of Kentucky’s team next season, could coach John Calipari consider a platoon system again like he did with the 2014-15 team that started the season 38-0 before losing in the Final Four?

Kentucky Basketball Radio Network analyst Mike Pratt said the platoon system worked before because every player bought into the idea.

“Most of them knew they were going to have professional careers, but they all had to buy in 100 percent,” Pratt said. “We won’t know if this group will unless Calipari tries it.

“He’s very good at handling change. He will deviate from the dribble-drive or whatever to fit his talent. He will tweak or alter what he does to utilize the talent he has.”

That’s why Pratt says a platoon system could be a possibility, but admits he’ s not seen enough of the incoming players to know for sure.

“He has a lot of possibilities he could use with the perimeter people and shooting ability he will have,” Pratt said. “He has a lot of combinations that might look really good with what he has coming in. But with Cal, anything is possible.”

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  1. There is no need to platoon. Let the kids compete for starting spots. Montgomery and Washington are givens to start. If Travis comes to KY, he will get a 3rd spot. Richards will be the first “big” sub and Johnson will most likely fill in at the 3 spot. That leaves 5 guards competing for 2 starting spots and 2 backup spots. That means at least 1, possible 2 guards will not be happy with their playing time barring an injury. Let them compete and if they aren’t good enough to play at UK, they can always transfer to a school where they can.

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