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Calipari on next season’s team: “They inspire me to want to do more.”

John Calipari spent time with former all-SEC tight end Jacob Tamme during a camp at Boyle County. (UK Athletics Photo)


Welcome back swaggy John Calipari.

The Kentucky coach is back acting like the man who just added the nation’s best graduate transfer to an already loaded roster and just had two more lottery picks in the NBA draft.

He’s taking his team across the state for youth camps — and Sunday he’s even invited fans to meet and greet the team on its ride back from Frankfort to Lexington on R.J. Corman’s private train.

Where else would that happen but Kentucky?

“Graduation day is over. Last night was both exciting and disappointing, as it always is,” Calipari said Friday about the NBA draft.  “I’m excited for the four players who got drafted. I’m excited for Kevin, Shai, Jarred and Hami because they are all in good places.

“I’m disappointed Wenyen’s work to get on a team is not done yet, but I always tell every player that I coach when we go through this process, ‘It may not go perfectly, but if it’s your dream, you’ll make it.’ And I know our guys are made for this.

“I can look back at DeAndre Liggins and Andrew Harrison and know that the draft doesn’t define your dreams. Everybody’s path is different.”

Here comes the swaggy part.

“Now my work begins on next year’s team,” Calipari said. “With the added hours, I’m going to spend more time in the summer than I normally do trying to create something special.

“This team is as hungry as any team as I’ve coached, individually and collectively. They inspire me to want to do more.”



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  1. A lot of us are hoping that the SWAG continues thru the year and ends with a NC. I am in the camp that feels Cal should have had more than 1 by now with the talent he has brought in since coming. His recruiting of Top 10 talent each year is down since his beginning years, his advancement thru the playoffs is down in last few years, he has lost recruiting ground with other SEC coaches that he used to dominate, KU has shrunk our total of total wins by 7 just last year alone and may overtake us on Cal’s watch. The Wisconsin hiccup is one many of us will never get over, and if we don’t at least make Final 4 this year or win NC with this talent his star will continue to show more tarnish.

  2. Has he been less inspired and willing to accept less in other years?

  3. You guys expect too much,yes it’s time Call to deliver no.9 and he’s finally got a team to get it done this upcoming season. He’s taken us to more heights than you can imagine since he’s been our coach. What you gonna do when he does deliver no.9 scream at him to win no.10 off the bat that’s exactly we do. Mark my words the NCAA will not lot us catch up with UCLA mark of 11 titles.

  4. Glad Cats79 agrees it is time for #9 AND Calipari has the team he needs to get that done this year.

  5. Cant speak for everyone out there, but I do expect us to get #10 if we are fortunate to get #9 this year. Cal will probably not be here for too many more years, but I am OND fatigued and say “let the next man step up”. We will be okay. IMO there are several other coaches out there that could have gotten more than 1 NC during same time with same talent levels. The question will be “do they want to come here”? I love the constitution of this year’s team and Hero and Travis are my 2 preseason favs.

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