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Calipari would not want to use platoon system but he would not totally rule it out

Tyler Herro is one of the players that could cause John Calipari to ponder a platoon system. (UK Athletics Photo)


Could Kentucky use a platoon system again?

Coach John Calipari said he would not be in favor of a platoon system during a satellite camp in Elizabethtown Monday, but he also would not rule out doing it if his roster eventually could include Stanford transfer Reid Travis and Georgia junior Ashton Hagans, who says he will reclassify and be on campus by August.

“It’s not something I would want to do. But if there are 10 guys all within the same (talent), we know we can do it because I’ve done it before,” Calipari said about a possible platoon system.

“But it’s not something I want to do. I want guys to compete. This isn’t communism. Somebody way better than you, he plays and you don’t. But I think, again, we have a lot of good kids who are good players. We’ll let them play it out.”

Calipari says UK’s four-game exhibition trip to the Bahamas in August will be a big advantage for UK this season like it was in 2014 when UK went 38-0 before losing to Wisconsin in the Final Four or in 2009 when UK went to Canada and then stunned most by making the Final Four.

Calipari said the exhibition trip lets him put pieces together and find out what will work and what won’t work that he thought might.

“Brandon Knight when we went to Canada, the lights came on and we knew he would compete. We didn’t know that (before the trip),” Calipari said. “You do that and see how it all blends together.”

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  1. Frankly, I liked the platoon system and I hope we get another round of it.
    I cannot see how it hinders competition whatsoever and I think it quite possibly puts the opposition at a distinct second half disadvantage.

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