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Emma Talley had “rough week” at U.S. Open

Emma Talley (LPGA Photo)

Here’s what Kentuckian Emma Talley had to say Sunday after shooting a 6-over par 78 Sunday at the U.S. Women’s Open to finish 9-over for the tournament over her home course since she went to the University of Alabama to play in college.

Q. I know this week probably didn’t go anywhere near how you wanted it to go. What do you take away from playing in a U.S. Open?
EMMA TALLEY: This is a really rough week for me. Started out not too bad. I thought it was bad but I guess after today, it wasn’t too bad.

I’ve never seen the golf course play like it did today, not condition-wise but I’ve never been in the spots I played from today.

So, very interesting. Kind of a rough week. But looking forward to next week and going to take the positives and try to regroup.

This is a dream come true, getting to play the U.S. Open at your home course. I didn’t play very well but I’ll remember this forever.

Q. (Inaudible)
EMMA TALLEY: Yeah. Playing with Cristie Kerr, two rounds. The first one she saw my worse round. Today she saw another terrible round.

I looked at her caddy at one point and said, “I bet you’re wondering how I got on the LPGA.” We played a match the last four holes. I guess we should have started that about hole 5.

Q. Was there any sense in that you had maybe put a little bit more pressure on yourself to do well here because you wanted to do well?
EMMA TALLEY: I don’t think so. I felt really at peace this week. I didn’t feel any pressure, really. Yeah, I felt pretty confident. So, my game just wasn’t there.

Q. When you said you’ve seen different spots you’ve never seen before, the set-up, what was different?
EMMA TALLEY: I just hit it bad.

Q. When this all shakes out, people are going to kind of look back at how Shoal Creek handled this week, the rain and eventually it turned out to be great weather on Sunday.
How do you look back at this week I guess as a member of Shoal Creek and how this facility handled this tournament?

EMMA TALLEY: I take pride in being a member here. I’m very honored to be able to be a member here and Shoal Creek did a wonderful job. We got done on a Sunday. If you would have told me that on Wednesday I would not have believed you.

They had much rain and unbelievable. They did a great job of making sure we got to play some golf. Yeah, shout-out to the greens crew and the staff. I know even the members, they said were filling divots. I think it was a very much a team effort this week.

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