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Erin Rethlake got “whole different appreciation” for being UK softball player

Pitcher Erin Rethlake talks to a young player at UK Fan Day. (Larry Vaught Photo)


Senior Erin Rethlake spent a lot of time the second semester in a special education class at Bryan Station High School in Lexington as part of her preparation to earn a teaching degree.

Her success on the softball field did not go unnoticed by those at the school — and that impressed Rethlake.

“It was fun because I was in a high school for the first time. It was fun walking the hallways each day because you could see them wearing their garb: Bryan Station High School Softball,” Rethlake said.

“I had a UK Softball book bag that we get, and every time you’d walk through the first couple of days they were like, ‘Look!’ And it was funny because I was like, ‘Hi,’ like trying to introduce myself or anything, but it was fun to interact with those girls. Their love for the game is so much fun.”

Rethlake remembered one game where several Bryan Station students came to a UK softball game and how much it meant to her.

“It gives you a whole different appreciation for wearing this jersey and getting to do the things that we do,” Rethlake said.

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