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Familiarity leads to “home feeling” at UK for Drake Jackson

Drake Jackson, left.


Redshirt sophomore center Drake Jackson says campus life “was fun” his freshman year.

“You are forced to be around more people,” Jackson said.

He now lives off campus and says it is a more “laid back” atmosphere when he’s not at football.

“I just kind of go to class and do my thing, come home and just hang out,” Jackson said. “It’s weird growing up around Lexington (in Woodford County) where I would come into the city every now and then and do things to eat, shop or whatever.

“But now that I am here and live here, it’s kind of interesting because I know the place. It feels like home. It’s funny to see my other teammates that don’t know the place see something and wonder what it is and I am like, ‘I’ve been going there since I was 6 years old.’

“It’s really interesting. I am glad I picked here. I like that home feeling. I went to Saint Peter & Paul School (in Lexington) in third grade. I drove by it the other day and had not been there in 10 years. It’s kind of cool to do that.”

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