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Gabriel, Vanderbilt had their own legitimate reasons for staying in the NBA draft

Jarred Vanderbilt (Vicky Graff Photo)


I had nothing to base it on but a hunch, but I always thought both Wenyen Gabriel and Jarred Vanderbilt would stay in the NBA draft even if they have no chance to be first-round picks.

And that’s exactly what both decided to do rather than come back to Kentucky for another season.

Gabriel had some dazzling games and can bury a 3-pointer. But he also needs to add strength and dramatically improve his ball handling. However, several sources insist that Gabriel wants to do whatever he can to earn money to help support his family. Maybe it will be in Europe. Maybe the G-League. Maybe the NBA.

But if that’s what he needs to go, God bless him and John Calipari has certainly made it sound like that is why Gabriel made the decision he did.

Vanderbilt has not stayed healthy for three seasons. He could have come back to UK and showed he could stay healthy. But he wants to turn pro and try to stay healthy at the next level. If that means starting in the G-League, he’s willing.

He’s got unique skills and he’ll find a NBA team willing to give him a chance to learn, improve his offense and get healthy.

So to him, staying in the draft makes sense and here’s hoping it works for him too.

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  1. So True! I only want players that truly want to be at Kentucky. You can never know what is in someone’s heart. I only want the best for our players, no matter how long they are at KY. That said, PJ made a really smart decision for him based on next years draft and the players coming into KY this year. Should be a great season in 2019. Number 9 in a year that ends in 9.

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