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Guess who Tim Couch says was most underrated teammate he had at UK?

Anthony White, left, got a bit excited at the All In To End Cancer fundraiser. (American Cancer Society Photo)


During his time at Kentucky, quarterback Tim Couch got to play with a lot of terrific teammates, one reason he’s quick to note that he was the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft in 1999.

But you might be a bit surprised at who Couch says not only was his most underrated teammates, but also perhaps his favorite teammate.

It was running back Anthony White, a guy I know well because we do a radio show together every Sunday morning on WLAP in Lexington and have for years.

Couch said White’s versatility running and catching made him unique. White was one of the first true dual threat running backs in the Southeastern Conference and with his speed became a nightmare matchup for even SEC defenses. He was truly a receiver playing running back.

Couch said few appreciate how hard White worked off the field, another reason he was such a popular teammate. Couch also described him as an “awesome guy” that was just fun to be around on and off the field.

So the next time you are naming off some of the best players ever to play at UK, don’t forget to give former running back Anthony White a shout out based on Couch’s recommendation.


  1. White was a great RB at UK. Check his stats from 96-99. He is also a good man.

  2. Nice article Larry. Anthony is definitely one of the UK greats.

    1. Yes he is Norman

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