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John Calipari “feeling good” after team’s first practice

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Kentucky coach John Calipari only added to the already high expectations for his 2018-19 team with his comments after UK’s first practice Wednesday (new NCAA rules allow for coaches to work on the court with players for four hours per week in the summer).

“I am feeling good. We have a long way to go but the players are receptive,” Calipari said in a video posted on Twitter.

He noted that the team would shoot the ball better “than we have in a while” and that the Cats would have a “lot of weapons” to use this season.

Calipari said the first practice of 1 hour, 15 minutes was “really good” and that the team would practice longer today.

“I want to continue to add stuff if we can,” Calipari said.

He remembered how his 2014-15 team that started the season 38-0 did not have a bad practice all season because it was trying to win every game.

“Every game was a war but every practice was also a war. This team today started learning how to practice,” Calipari said.

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  1. Cal you have the best frontline in college…why are you trying to mess it up? Let the bigs play big…Nick Richards doesn’t need to do anything past the 3 point line. Feed them down low where they can overpower opponents. Have them work on freethrows because they will get hacked often. Let them shut down the lane to staight line drives, block shots, and dominate the boards. You have the holy grail and yet you are still drinking from a plastic cup. You need to focus on winning games for KY not developing kids for the NBA…the NBA will do that on their own. The bigs will be more confused than ever with this train like a guard and play like a big. You have an advantage if you don’t mess it up.

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