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Katie Reed “knows how to get smashed” by adversity and bounce back


No matter what kind of adversity shortstop Katie Reed faced — and there wasn’t much because she’s so talented — this season it never worried coach Rachel Lawson that it would have any long-term impact on her junior shortstop.

“The coolest thing her being a hockey player (in St. Louis growing up) is she knows how to get smashed and get up and come back harder and give it to somebody else,” Lawson said. “I like that.

“She is such a physical player. Her natural makeup is to get up and get after it no matter what happens. She thinks about all kinds of things. She analyzes mistakes and works hard to get it right moving forward.

“She doesn’t make many mistakes, but if she does, you know it won’t lead to another mistake. She’s too competitive for that. She’s just somebody I know will never let anything get her down.”

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