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Louisville fan’s insult even made Calipari’s dogs mad according to the coach


If you have any doubts about how strong John Calipari feels about his team, just pay attention.

He tells his players all the time that body language “screams” about how they play and are perceived (remember the problems the Harrison twins had).

Well, Calipari’s body language screams that he can’t wait for next season.

This morning on NBC’s “Today” a Louisville fan was shown holding a sign that read, “JOHN CALIPARI HATES PUPPIES GO CARDS!!”

I have no idea if Calipari saw it or friends did. But the coach could not help himself. He had to respond rather than ignoring the insult and only add to this rivalry.

Calipari has two dogs and he offered this response on Twitter: “Nothing a Louisville fan has EVER said to me has ever bothered me but this one got to me a little bit. McGruff and Palmer were so mad that they came to my office to ask me about it.”

McGruff and Palmer are his dogs and they were shown sitting on their own chairs in Calipari’s office at the Joe Craft Center in his Twitter post.





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  1. Coach got this right. Dogs rule, puppies are a treasure. Louisville fan stirred up the Coach’s pups. Not good.

  2. Our two French Bulldogs are furious

  3. The Dogs really rock in my world but just read that the Cats 6-1 favorites to win it all this year. Will the Calmeister find a way to screw this up? I think not..if we can keep everyone happy and productive maybe Cal gets a better shot at 40-0 than he had before.

  4. I thought the tweet was hilarious.

    1. I am with your Sarah

  5. Before you know it, that UL fan will be apologizing to the Cardinal Nation for “humanizing” Calipari.

  6. Loserville fans are not very bright…

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