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P.J. Washington will need 4-5 weeks to heal from pinky surgery

P.J. Washington. (Vicky Graff Photo)


As soon as P.J. Washington announced he was returning to Kentucky, his father — Paul Washington Sr. — said he would need surgery on his broken pinky finger that had been bothering him since early January. Paul Washington also said then the surgery would be in Kentucky and would not stop him from playing when UK goes to the Bahamas in August.

Kentucky coach John Calipari confirmed Thursday during a UK satellite camp at Ryle High School that Washington did have the surgery to fix a detached tendon in his lefty pinky finger and was expected to be able to play again in about five weeks.

“Good time to do it. Take him four or five weeks to get it all healed, but he’ll be fine,” Calipari said.

Washington said during the season that the injury did not bother him. Calipari said it did affect him but not to the point that he could not play with the pain.

Washington averaged 10.8 points and 5.7 rebounds per game last season and also had 31 blocks.

“Now he comes back and he’s leading,” Calipari said Monday at another satellite camp. “The best teams I’ve had here were the combination of young kids with returning veterans, and that’s the teams that have done some good stuff.”

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