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Calipari impressed Immanuel Quickley’s mother with way he cares about players

Nitrease Quickley with her son Immanuel.


Nitrease Quickley liked Kentucky coach John Calipari as soon as he started recruiting her son, UK freshman point guard Immanuel Quickley.

The UK freshman was a McDonald’s All-American and five-star recruit who could be part of a dynamic backcourt at Kentucky this season.

“Coach Cal cares about the kids he has chosen to be a part of the Kentucky family,” said Nitrease Quickley. “He made it clear.

“Every Kentucky fan knows what I have come to know. Coach Cal takes time for people. When we visited, he stopped what he was doing or saying and made time to take a pic or sign an autograph for fans.”

Here’s another nice little touch that Calipari adds during recruiting.

“Coach Cal would send Immanuel inspirational quotes and motivational sayings. Coach works at building kids up,” she said. “I really liked that.”

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