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Cassidy Rowe grew up a Louisville fan in eastern Kentucky but happy to have UK scholarship offer

Cassidy Rowe


Unlike most eastern Kentucky athletes, Shelby Valley freshman Cassidy Rowe did not grow up a Kentucky fan. Instead, she’s been a Louisville fan.

“But since Kentucky showed interest in me, I started paying attention to them and their coaching staff has been so good to me,” Rowe, who played against incoming UK freshman Blair Green of Harlan County in summer ball, said. “Coach Mitchell likes the fact that I always hustle and the way I take charge on the court.”

Rowe already has five Division I scholarship offers, including one from Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell.

Her father, Lonnie, who was recently named the new head coach at Shelby Valley after coaching the middle school team before, said you could likely count the Louisville fans in their area on one hand. However, one of them is Lonnie Rowe.

“I grew up watching Louisville in the early 80’s when Louisville basketball was fun,” Lonnie Rowe said. “What I liked, she liked when she was little. I take a lot of ribbing for being a Louisville fan. I am easy to get along with but I understand with all the trouble the men’s basketball program has had why I get some ribbing. But I never rooted against Kentucky. I am mainly just a fan of basketball.”

Cassidy Jo Rowe, age 15, averaged 9.9 points and 3.3 rebounds per game last year for Shelby Valley (29-5). She was 53 of 144 from 3-point range (38 percent).
“No one really mentions my 3-point shooting but that is one of my best things,” Cassidy Jo Rowe said. “Usually everyone looks at me hustling, trying to make teammates better. But I work hard to be a good shooter.”

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