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Chris Souder uncertain about future after resigning at Indiana State

Chris Souder (Larry Vaught Photo)


Chris Souder isn’t sure what he’ll be doing in the future, but he hopes to one day be coaching again.

However, the former Mercer County girls basketball coach decided Indiana State was not the right fit for him and has resigned just a few months after taking the job.

Souder led Mercer to back to back state championships before opting to get into college coaching for the first time. He thought he would enjoy the challenge and new opportunity even if it meant leaving his family behind in Harrodsburg for at least the first year.

“I really don’t know what I envisioned, but I knew I didn’t want this (what the job turned out to be),” Souder said Monday morning. “At this point I want to be relaxed and have fun and coach basketball.

“Family was some of it. I thought things would get better, but they didn’t so I just thought this was a good time to make this move. They will have time (at Indiana State) to find somebody versus trying to do it in December or January if I left then.”

Souder said he always told his children that sometimes they needed to get out of their comfort zones to experience new things.

“But my daughter said at my age I needed to be comfortable because I had done all the uncomfortable stuff before, and she’s right,” the former Mercer coach said. “My wife and I are just going to regroup.”

What he now plans to do is spend this upcoming season watching players — Seygan Robins, Emma Davis, Emmy Souder, Faith Lake, Lexy Lake — who led the Titans to state titles play in college. What he won’t do is interfere with new Mercer coach Hayley Spivey, his long-time assistant and a former Mercer player.

“I am glad Hayley got the job. I called her and told her I was not coming around her program. That would not be fair to her. I am not going to games, especially early in the season. I am not going to practice,” Souder, who had 460-161 record in 19 years at Mercer, said.

He said he remains “100 percent at peace” with his decision to try college coaching and he “definitely” will coach again, maybe even on the high school level if it was the right fit.

“I am not going to jump into anything right now. It’s going to be crazy — I’ve already had a call about one high school job,” he said. “I will be patient. Something will fall in my lap. I am glad that I tried (college coaching) but this just didn’t work but it doesn’t mean something in the future won’t work.”

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