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Damien Harris: “Coming back for my senior year wasn’t hard”

Damien Harris went to a lot of UK football games before picking Alabama over UK. (Larry Vaught Photo)

Here’s what Alabama senior running back Damien Harris, a Madison Southern High School graduate, had to say at the SEC Media Days Thursday:

On his mindset going into the season …
Harris: “The mindset going into this season is that we know our success isn’t going to be inherited.
Anything we accomplish as a team this season is not going to come from the fact that we won a National Championship last year. If anything, it is just going to make it that much harder. We know that winning a National Championship puts a target on your back. We know that day in and day out, we are going to get everybody’s best game. We need to better ourselves, both mentally and physically, so that we can handle these situations thrown at us and that we can have the success that we want to have as a team.
On how he avoids complacency …
“It’s not hard. With Coach Saban as your coach , things like that come pretty easily. No matter who we are playing, no matter what week it is in the season, whether we are playing a power five team or not, or whether we are playing in the National Championship or not, one thing that we always focus on is just being the best team we can be. We are confident in the fact that if we play our best football, offense, defense and special teams, that we are capable of being the best team in the country , year in and year out. “
On what he enjoys about The University of Alabama …
“I just love Tuscaloosa. I love being a part of The University of Alabama, and that is something that brings me a lot of happiness. The mindset across the entire University of Alabama is that we are champions, whether it is from an academic standpoint or an athletic standpoint. I love walking down the street in Tuscaloosa and somebody rolling down their windows when they drive by and yelling ‘Roll Tide’. There are just so many things about being a part of The University of Alabama and living in Tuscaloosa that bring us so much joy as athletes. Coming back for my senior year wasn’t hard. “

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