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Danny Clark: Quarterbacks need to make every player better

Danny Clark (Larry Vaught/Verizon Video)


Redshirt freshman quarterback Danny Clark had no problem defining what his job was during the offseason to help Kentucky get ready for the 2018 campaign.

“Our job (as quarterbacks) is to make every person on the team better. Once you get those guys out there (for workouts), that is when you can get the tendencies and feel where he is going to be on his fifth step compared to where this guy will be on his fifth step. So it is definitely helpful,” Clark said about offseason workouts with UK’s receivers.

Clark said the quarterbacks and receivers “have been working our butts off” in the weight room together to help UK secure a third straight winning season and bowl berth.

“We do some throwing and work on just getting lined up so it is a smooth transition so we are not out there with our timing off and balls going haywire,” Clark said about preparing for fall practice.

“It has been great to get your niche and have this guy running this route and know when he’s going to break and how fast he will be out of his break. It helps having a few guys knowing exactly what they are capable of. Usually you want to get every guy in there you can (working out). “


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  1. I appreciate the interview. It doesn’t seem that long ago when we went through 3 QB’s and ended up with a WR playing QB. Beat Tennessee so I’m not complaining. We don’t hear that much about Danny or Walker, but I’m thinking about them. You never know when your number will be called and you need to step in and make something happen. When you have the skills it becomes a mental challenge. The grind is important preparation. Keeping an edge is equally important. Your opportunity may come when least expected. This young man has a fan here for sure.

    1. Thanks William

  2. None of the qbs have SEC experience, but I hope either Hoak or Clark get the call. I think that will be best situation long term for UK. Wilson has college experience, but let’s face it, he only completed about 55% of his passes in Junior College and that is worse than Stephen Johnson was the last two years. 55% will not get it done in the SEC, I don’t care how good he moves or how fast he can run, if his passing is no better than that, it is a determent to the team.

    1. I like an accurate passer, too, for my quarterback

  3. OF….agree with you very much on this. A 55% in JC does not bode well for transfer to SEC, but we hope that next man up really takes advantage and has the leadership and skill level to take us to the playoffs again. If we fail to beat UF again and fail to bowl, I hope Barney does the right thing and relieves Stoops.

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