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ESPN recruiting director Paul Biancardi says Immanuel Quickley “knows how to play”

Immanuel Quickley, John Calipari (USA Basketball Photo)


Kentucky is going to have wealth of talent at guard next season and that includes freshman point guard Immanuel Quickley.

He’s not generating quite as much hype as some other UK freshmen, but don’t discount what he could do for UK. He was a McDonald’s All-American and five-star signee.

ESPN recruiting director Paul Biancardi likes a lot about Quickley’s game. He calls him a “high IQ” point guard that compensates for not being as athletically gifted as some other UK guards.

“He’s really fluid and don’t forget that he will make open shots, something Kentucky fans are really going to like,” Biancardi said. “He’s a very steady guy that you can count on. He’s just consistently good.

“He’s going to bring it every day in practice. He won’t impress you with athleticism and he won’t create a lot of space for himself to get shots on the floor.

“But he knows how to play. He hits the open man off the screen with great passes. He drives and dishes to the open man. He really makes good decisions and that’s what Cal wants in his point guard more than anything else.”

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