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Former Marine Matthew Bradford doesn’t “support” NFL players kneeling during national anthem

Amanda, right, and Matt Bradford before the Iron Horse Half Marathon last year.


Former Marine Matthew Bradford is one of the most amazing men that I know.

He didn’t let losing both legs and his eyesight — along with other injuries — after stepping on a bomb in Iraq ruin his life. Instead, he let it inspire him and others. He says he’s no hero, but there’s no doubt he is.

While spending time with him at the Ohio UK Convention last weekend, I asked him what he thought about the way NFL players have knelt during the national anthem to protest problems in our country.

“I don’t support it at all. I will never understand taking a knee for the national anthem and our flag. But if you are going to do it, at least go out Monday through Saturday and do something for the community but you never hear that,”  said Bradford.

“Why are they really doing that? For me, when it comes to them, unless you have walked down the street and took bullets over your head, you have no way to take a knee on that flag.”

Bradford says the players have a “job” to do on game day and that if others in different jobs went against what the employer wanted, they would be fired or disciplined.

“Sunday is usually a time when the family comes together for football. I feel like if you make that amount of money (that NFL players do), go out and use that money to support the community instead of just putting a knee to our flag for spoiled, selfish reasons,” Bradford said.


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