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Former UK running back George Adams was hoping his son would play for Kentucky

George Adams with his son, Jamal


If George Adams had his way, his son, Jamal, would have played college football at Kentucky. Instead, he went to LSU, earned All-SEC and All-American honors, and signed a $22 million deal with the New York Jets after he was a first round draft pick in 2017.

“I was trying to get him to come to Kentucky, but I was not going to force him. I really wanted him at Kentucky, but as a Dad I knew he needed to do his own thing,” George Adams, a former all-SEC running back at UK who played seven years in the NFL, said. “To be honest, I wanted him to do his own thing.

“Me and my wife were there for the process but I told him he had to make that decision for himself. If something we bad I did not want him to blame it on us. I would have loved for him to be at Kentucky. My immediate family is still in Kentucky. It would have been great.”

George Adams played with the New York Giants but has now reversed course with his feelings about the Jets.

“Back in my day as a player, I did not like the Jets at all. Now I’ve got to love the Jets. I wear Jets gear. I am all in, just like I had to be when he went to LSU,” George Adams said.

Adams has always been all-in with Kentucky. Mark Higgs and Marc Logan were younger running backs at Kentucky when he was there and it was his job to get the “tough yards” and let the “young guys” get the long runs.

His roommate at Kentucky was receiver Joker Phillips, the former UK head coach.

“Joker kept me going. He kept my head right. It kept me motivated saying everything would be okay and that I just had to make it happen,” Adams said. “I still talk to him almost every day. He’s my guy.”

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