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Joe Hall was not always happy with way UK promoted basketball stories

John Calipari, Joe Hall (Vicky Graff Photo)


Former Kentucky coach Joe Hall remembers a time he was upset with the UK sports information department  and was looking for ways to promote his basketball program.

He cited the time Chuck Verderber, one of his players, was working a summer job using a jackhammer tearing up Lexington streets. He was studying to be a dentist.

“I said what a story. Future UK dentist running a jackhammer on city streets and later being working on the mouths of people of this state with a different kind of drill. They wouldn’t write it up. They said nobody would be interested in the summer in what is going on with basketball,” Hall said.

He remembered another time when he wanted sports information to promote Kevin Grevey for All-American honors. Hall said he often got promotional material from other schools on their star players, but he never saw UK send out anything like that.

“I just asked, ‘What are you doing for Grevey,’” Hall said. “The sports information director said, ‘I don’t believe in paper All-Americans.’ I told him he was in the wrong business. I couldn’t believe it. They wouldn’t do anything. Even now, I still can’t believe it.”

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