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Kentuckian Emma Talley “really happy” with play — tied for third at Thornberry Classic

Emma Talley (LPGA Photo)

Kentuckian Emma Talley added another 4-under par 68 Saturday at the Thornberry Classic in Oneida, Wis., and is tied for third at 15-under par going into Sunday’s final round.

Here’s what she had to say after Saturday’s round that included an eagle, three birdies and one bogey to go with 13 pars.

Q. Take us through your round. You said it was a rough start.
EMMA TALLEY: Yes, I hit the ball kind of poorly at the beginning the round. Still made two birdies — or made an eagle, a bogey, and a birdie, I think; shot 2-Under.

Back nine I hit the ball a lot better, just like I have the past to days. Just a couple putts didn’t fall.

For the most part, I’m really happy. Another 4-under round. Hopefully tomorrow be even better.

Q. Tell us about the eagle.
EMMA TALLEY: That was fun. I had the bunker yips since L.A., which is ironic, because I finished fifth there. But I’ve been practicing a lot and I landed it right where I wanted to and trickled in out of the bunker.

So maybe I’m out of my bunker yips now. That was really exciting and that kind of got me going.

Q. Did you do a golf clinic in Berlin?

Q. How did you do that? Like how did it come about?
EMMA TALLEY: Just through my agent. They’d been asking for an LPGA player to come out there. It’s an hour and 15 minutes away, but I was planning on taking off on Monday anyway so I said, Sure, I’ll do it.

I met some great people and they all came out for Emma’s Army, so that was really fun. They were supposed to wear Paula Creamer’s shirt and I was like, What the heck? They changed it to Emma, so that was perfect. (Laughter.)

Q. I know you won a couple hours north last year, but do you feel like you’re kind of making your name this week, like more people are knowing who Emma Talley is and joining Emma’s Army?
EMMA TALLEY: I don’t know. I mean, I feel like I’ve played pretty well all year, and hopefully I just keep playing well and more people will know me. It’s my rookie year, so each tournament helps that.

Q. Being in contention going into Sunday, what does it mean few to you a rookie year to be competing and playing with the best and showing that you can score with the best and someday you may get to hoist that trophy?
EMMA TALLEY: Yeah, I’ve had a couple Top 10s this year, one Top 5, and so I feel confident about my game. I’ve been playing well the past few weeks.

Yeah, I’m really confident in my game. I’m just excited. One of my goals this year was to win one. I don’t have much longer, so hopefully that’ll come sooner rather than later.

Q. Are you checking the leaderboard at all throughout your round or do you keep your eyes away from that?
EMMA TALLEY: Both I would say. At one point I did check it today. On 17 I did just because I only had one hole left.

I am a scoreboard watcher usually, but for some reason this week my caddie has been awesome just kind of keeping me cool and relaxed, so haven’t really looked at the leaderboard as much I feel like this week.

Q. Obviously there are a lot of people playing really good golf; a lot of low scores. When you look at the leaderboard and see someone like Sei Young on a roll like she is, I mean, heading into the last day, I don’t know, do you like the challenge of having to step up and kind of meet her at that level?
EMMA TALLEY: Yeah, for sure. Obviously a low round is possible, so that’s exciting. I played really well the first day and shot 7-under so I feel like it’s out there; hopefully tomorrow it’ll be me.

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