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Nose guard Quinton Bohanna respects what linebacker Jordan Jones does for him on field

Jordan Jones (UK Athletics Photo by Britney Howard)


The more Quinton Bohanna got to play last season, the more he got to know and like what linebacker Jordan Jones did on the football field.

Bohanna played in 12 of 13 games last year as a true freshman. He started the last five games at nose guard, including the bowl game. That was a bit of a surprise for the three-star defensive player from Cordova, Tenn.

“Jordan is my guy. Me and Jordan got real close last year as I started playing more and I started to respect what he could do,” said Bohanna. “A lot of times he makes plays for me. People say we have to make plays for the linebackers, but there are a lot of times where Jordan will pull a double team off me and open a play for me. I love what he does.”

Jones can be a bit unpredictable on the field. The daring plays he makes can look sensational but sometimes it might also leave a gap he abandoned.

“That is what makes me love Jordan. He’s not afraid. Anything he does, he has a reason in his mind for doing it,” Bohanna said.

Jones can be as unpredictable off the field.

“He is cool, real fun to be around,” the sophomore defensive lineman said. “He’s kind of like he is on the field — you don’t know what he might do. He’s a lot of fun, though.”

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  1. Jones can really play but his on field antics make me nervous. Here’s hoping he has gotten an emotional handle on that beautiful aggression.

    GO CATS!!!!!

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