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Reid Travis a “monster” in first UK practice

Reid Travis


There was no official announcement about Reid Travis now being eligible at Kentucky, but TJ Beisner’s practice report at Tuesday night revealed that the Stanford graduate transfer practiced with the Wildcats for the first time.

Travis had been allowed to watch practice but not participate. However, Beisner noted that the two-time all-Pac 12 player had no trouble adjusting to UK’s practice schedule or pace.
 “Physically, he’s a monster.  With four years of college under his belt, he’s obviously more advanced than the rest of Kentucky’s young team and wasn’t shy about using his strength on day one.  During a drill, players drove to the basket and a staff member fouled them as they went up.  The first two players struggled to finish through contact.  Travis then drove, took a hard foul on his left side, brought his right hand through with the ball and punched it through the rim on top of the staff member.  That was sort of his that he came to compete.  And that’s exactly what he did,” Beisner wrote.
Beisner also noted that no UK players back down from Travis’ physical play — a huge improvement from last year when physical play did bother the Cats. Beisner noted how freshman Keldon Johnson, known for his physical play, went at the bigger Travis almost the entire practice.
Here’s one other Beisner nugget UK fans should love, too:
“When practice ended, you wouldn’t have known it because everyone was still in the gym going through individual work,” Beisner wrote.

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