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Staying at Kentucky Castle was simply fantastic

My grandchildren were just a bit excited when we arrived at The Kentucky Castle. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


If you are looking for a unique spot to stay for a night or more, then The Kentucky Castle on Versailles Rd. in Lexington could be just the place for you.

My two grandchildren, ages 9 and 7, thought it was fantastic from the moment we arrived even though a recent power outage resulted in full power being restored only a few hours before we arrived. Staff kept us updated on what was going on and made sure when we arrived we had backup plans for candles, flashlights.

Our room — one of 14 in the castle — was terrific and the view was outstanding. My grandchildren loves the dragon footprint in our room, especially after welcoming tour included a story about how a fire-breathing dragon was responsible for the fire that actually burnt most of the castle to the ground years ago. Our tour guide explained to my grandchildren that the dragon was now contained on the back of the property and could not get loose.

The view from the rooftop was spectacular, especially at sunset. My buddy J.D. Shelburne had told me how much fun he had playing a concert on the roof there and I could see why. We enjoyed just sitting and watching the sunset and I can only imagine how much fun it must be when the castle has a concert on the rooftop — which has its own bar — or in a tent outside on the grounds.

We didn’t eat at the restaurant because co-owner Brian Adkins wisely advised me that my grandchildren might be too excited to sit still and eat. He was right, so we ordered pizza and just enjoyed the view.

However, we talked to folks we did eat in the farm to table restaurant — chefs use items from the garden outside the castle — and they loved it. Plans are in the works for an organic garden, vineyards, fruit orchard and more.

And I did notice that Reader’s Digest picked the castle as the most romantic restaurant in Kentucky.

Castle staff members make sure kids have a great time. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

Staying the night was great, but you can also book a tour of the castle or just make a reservation to eat. Private event spaces are available for small groups of 20 or large groups of 300 or more.  The staff told me that more and more weddings are being booked there as well as corporate events.

The owners are also big on giving back. If a charity puts on a fundraiser at the castle, a percentage of all room, food and beverage sales from the attendees goes straight back to the charity. There is a also a “The Kentucky Castle Fairytale” giveaway to help special children enjoy a special time at the castle.

The staff really treats you great whether it was showing us the pygmy goats, walking us around the grounds, sharing the castle’s history or intriguing my grandchildren with tales of a dungeon and more.

Yes, the room rate is more than a normal hotel/motel. But the experience is unique and truly priceless — just ask my grandchildren who truly did not want to leave.

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