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Teammates say they can “easily” tackle Benny Snell

Benny Snell (Vicky Graff Photo)


Just how hard is it to tackle Kentucky junior running back Benny Snell?

He proudly proclaimed at the SEC Media Days that he was the best back in the conference and he was named to the preseason All-SEC first team in voting by media members.

However, Snell’s teammates saying tackling him is not as hard as he believes.

“Yes Benny, I can tackle you,” UK sophomore defensive lineman Josh Paschal said.

Is he certain?

“No trouble. He might get me one time out of three, but I am going to get him the other two. No doubt about that,” Paschal said.

Kentucky sophomore nose guard Quinton Bohanna says he can “easily” tackle Snell.

“He knows that, too,” Bohanna said.

However, Bohanna admits Snell loves to compete.

“Benny is a real competitor in anything that we do. Video games, basketball, anything,” Bohanna said.

Snell claimed last year he was probably the best basketball player on the team, too.

“That is up for debate. He ain’t the best,” Bohanna said.

Who is the best?

“Josh Allen can do it. He can do everything. He can even play lacrosse,” Bohanna said.

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  1. Sounds like some confident defensive players tooting their own horns. Glad to see the confidence on both sides. Snell is the man though, the work horse who Gran rides to victory in many cases, that is fact.

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