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Add coachable to talent that Calipari’s Cats have

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Kentucky coach John Calipari wanted the four-game exhibition trip to the Bahamas to not only be a basketball learning experience for his team, but also a bonding experience.

From what UK Basketball Radio Network’s Tom Leach saw, it was “very much” a bonding time for the Wildcats.

“They didn’t have classes. They are away from everything, but they were all together,” Leach said. “They were doing water slides, which were many and varied. They had practices and meetings.

“They had some free time to enjoy the Bahamas experience and enjoy each other’s company but they were in the gym a lot on their own and in their rooms together doing stuff.

“I really think they got a lot of improved chemistry out of this. That’s the bigger advantage to the whole trip more so than just playing basketball.”

Leach also said UK fans are going to like how coachable this team seems to be, something Calipari and his assistant coaches have also noted. He said UK Radio Network analyst Mike Pratt, a former UK All-American as well as college/NBA coach, noticed how when Calipari stopped practice that “all eyes were glued” on him when he was talking.

“This group seems very eager to please,” Leach said. “There’s a lot of reason to be optimistic about this team, but that is another big one to remember.”

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