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“Average” fan’s ticket pain felt by UK employees, too

Keyli Chisesi/ Photo


After sharing the story of Jackie and Tad Long and how they were giving up season tickets to a variety of UK sports because of the way they felt they were treated with seating choices in the new baseball stadium, I heard from a variety of other disgruntled/frustrated fans.

However, what really surprised me was that several current or former UK employees told me they were not surprised at what happened to the Longs because it has happened to a lot of fans, including those who work at UK.

One man told me he wanted to continue to purchase his two employee basketball tickets while continuing to make the K-Fund donation. He also had other season basketball tickets as well as football tickets and women’s basketball tickets. He had been spending about $20,000 annually for tickets and donations. However, UK wanted a one-time donation of about $25,000 to let him do that … and he quickly said no thank you.

He also said most employees either did not have tickets or got tickets they did not have to purchase.

Another UK employee told me that big-time college sports should pay attention to how NASCAR has lost fans.

“You make your fans made, it’s hard to win them back,” the UK employee told me. “We have to admit that the general fan doesn’t get a lot out of the deal right now and I don’t know how a family of four or five can do it if they have to pay some of these enormous amounts to go to a game. It’s just not right to cut out average fans or not to remember that a lot of us working at UK don’t make huge salaries, either, and high ticket prices take a toll on us, too.”

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