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Brittany Lincicome still “riding the high” from playing in Barbasol Championship in Kentucky

Brittany Lincicome at the Barbasol Championship in Kentucky. (Gary Moyers Photo)

Brittany Lincicome played in the PGA’s Barbasol Championship in Jessamine County last month. She’s playing in the Canadian Pacific Women’s Open this week in Regina, Saskatchewan and her first question at Wednesday’s press conference was about playing with the men in Kentucky. She was also asked about a potential PGA/LPGA event and possibly playing in the 2020 Olympics.

Enjoy her answers.

THE MODERATOR: You made history being the first woman in history to be able to play on the men’s PGA Tour. Are you still riding that high? Did it change your impressive at all?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: I am still riding the high. I mean, just to play with the guys, be inside the ropes with the guys, just the whole experience. I was so worried that people might have taken it the wrong way, but everybody backed me 100 percent. It was so cool.

I mean, even today. I saw Beatriz Recari, and she was like, ‘That was so cool.’ So just to see how everyone was so welcoming, that was awesome.

And the guys, I had guys coming up to me thanking that me for being there, wishing me good luck, which was really cool. I think I learned more about myself with how to handle the nerves and the pressure. Obviously the golf was the easy part that week.

It was just more handling all the media attention and fan attention and the big groups. I had massive followings, which was great. It’s kind of more blocking that out and trying to focus on playing golf. I think it’ll help me this week, because it’s obviously a big purse and a big event on our schedule, and we still have Evian coming up.

I think it’ll just help me calm my nerves when I come into pressure situations, especially like on a Sunday if I’m in contention. Just to kind of slow myself down a little bit and be able to handle those better.

Q. When do you foresee a joined LPGA and PGA event?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Man, as much as I have been talking about it lately I feel like it should be already in the works. That would be so much fun. We used to have the J.C. Penney Classic way back in the day and it was in Florida so I used to do the standard bearing for it when I was younger. I loved going to that event. Of course they canceled it right when I turned pro.

I think it would be so much fun. I mean, I don’t foresee there being any negatives to it. It would be fun to kind of showcase the best golf for both sides.

Yeah, I really hope that the PGA and the commissioner, hopefully they’re already talking about it. I know we literally talk about it — especially fans on social media. We talk about it all the time, how great it would be to have that event. Hopefully it’s already secretly in the works somewhere and we just haven’t heard about it yet.

Q. Are you starting to think about the Olympics 2020?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, it’s still a little bit away. My husband and I would like to start a family soon, so that might throw a little bit of a wrench in it. Yeah, that would be so cool to make the Olympics before I retire maybe. I mean, I try to not think that far ahead. It’s kind of like Solheim. You just keep playing good and hopefully I’ll end up on the team kind of a thing. But, man, that would be really cool. Definitely on my bucket list.

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