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Calipari doesn’t want Tyler Herro compared to Rex Chapman

Tyler Herro (Chet White/UK Athletics Photo)


It only took two exhibition games for some Kentucky fans to start comparing freshman guard Tyler Herro to former UK great Rex Chapman.  He was UK’s leading scorer in the Bahamas, proved he could score from a variety of spots and did not miss a free throw.

“Rex thinks he’s the next Rex. But I just want him to be Tyler Herro. Be who you are,”  Kentucky coach John Calipari said. “Rex was a real high-flyer. Tyler can jump and do that, but Rex was unique and Rex ended up being special.

“Maybe in time that may be the case, but right now just let him be Tyler.”

Herro led UK in scoring at 17.3 points per game in the Bahamas. He made 23 of 40 shots from the field, including 8 of 18 3-pointers. At the foul line, he was 15-for-15. He had seven assists, five turnovers and two steals in 87 minutes.

Herro has only seen YouTube clips of Chapman, who ended his NBA career in 2000 – the same year Herro was born. However, Chapman has introduced himself to Herro and texted him before he played in the Bahamas.

“I’m excited that he has my back. It’s good to have a guy like that,” Herro said.


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  1. Why limit Tyler? I’m hoping for more…

    1. Me too. Rex was talented but so is Herro in a different way. You don’t need to jump out of the gym to be a great scorer. If you’re smart and know where your shots come from and you know how to shoot you can score. Let’s talk Larry Bird. No one would doubt he could score and he couldn’t jump very high at all. Basketball is more about being smart than it is athletic IMO. Didn’t Tyler Ulis prove that? Yeah you have to be gifted to really excel but you also have to be smart to be great. And Herro has that already. Rex ended up forcing some shots mostly because of the team he was on but I don’t we will need to see Herro leaning in from the 3 line and making shots as the clock runs down. There will be too many scoring options on the floor. Not many teams will be able to shut them all down at once. Herro could easily have a better career at UK than Rex did. His shot is very sound mechanically, he gets it off quick, and he knows how to get to where he can shoot. Those things remind me more of Kevin Grevey than they do Rex. And Kevin was better than Rex.

    2. Hell Col Connie,

      I read you served in the military, and wanted to pass along my heartfelt thanks for your service.



      1. ColConnie is best of the best

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