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Danny Clark: “We have playmakers all over the field.”


With the quarterback battle between Gunnar Hoak and Terry Wilson going, it’s easy to forget that redshirt freshman quarterback Danny Clark was a one-time Ohio State commit and has what former UK quarterback Jared Lorenzen has a “cannon” for a throwing arm.

 “I am a lot more comfortable, especially in the offense and getting a whole extra year to practice,” said Clark. “I got to see when I have a safety rolling down here, this guy is probably coming. It’s cool to get those experiences and see guys like (last year’s starting quarterback) Stephen (Johnson) who you rarely saw him make a bad protection call or bad read.

“Getting to watch people like that go through his progressions and show you how you are supposed to play the quarterback position in this offense. It is set up so well for us and we have such great playmakers, if we get the ball out we are moving.”

Great playmakers? Hasn’t that been the worry that no matter who the quarterback is, UK still lacks explosive playmakers at receiver?

“There are playmakers all over the field. It doesn’t matter if it is a four-yard gain or if it is a bubble (screen). Anything can be an explosive play,” Clark said.

“If we throw a bubble and the wideout gets his block on the corner, it could be an 85-yard touchdown. Just the same if we throw a 40-yard post. We have playmakers out there and if we give them the ball, they know what to do.”


  1. It can look like that when the offense is practicing against what has usually been one of the worst defenses in the SEC.
    I can’t get excited about football, until I see it on the field.
    Too many times we have heard this is year is going to be different, only to see the same results.

    1. This is talking season, Hope he is right. we’ll see.

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