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DeCourcy: Calipari might use three point guards to close out games

Ashton Hagans (Chet White/UK Athletics Photo)


Kentucky freshman guard Ashton Hagans is an intriguing prospect for coach John Calipari this season because he reclassified to get into the 2018 recruiting class and he also has plenty of competition from Quade Green and Immanuel Quickley for playing time.

“Ashton did not rush to get to college to sit on the bench,” said Sporting News college basketball columnist Mike DeCourcy. “He gives them a big presence in the backcourt. Immanuel is tall and lean and is very quick. He’s listed at 6-3 and is close to that. You just don’t see him as being 6-3 because he moves so quickly and darts around the court.

“But how many teams are going to have three high level, five-star point guards on the team. With the way basketball is now, the more guys you have that can attack the better off you are.”

DeCourcy could envision Calipari playing all three together to close out games.

“If they can all make free throws under pressure like I think they can and John (Calipari) feels really good about that, having those three and the versatility it brings is really going to be a huge asset late in games,” DeCourcy said.


  1. Very probably the most gratifying 4 game stretch these senior eyes have seen in a long time….maybe ever. I am ready to order one of those 40-0 tees.

  2. Well, an order for a 40-0 Tee for me will wait until after the Duke game. Beat the Dukies, and my order goes in, but that game can go either way.

  3. UK has some players for sure, but it’s way to early too start talking about 40-0. That would be a death sentence. I don’t think the competition in the Bahamas was all that great for starters. None of those teams could play defense. UK will get tested in the SEC race for starters. I am holding my powder until I see more.

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