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Did pushing Rick Robey’s car stop Kyle Macy from initially coming to Kentucky?

Kyle Macy, left, and Jack Givens, right. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


When I was with former UK All-Americans Jack Givens and Kyle Macy at the Tyler Hicks Memorial Scholarship Dinner at Scott County recently, Givens said if Macy had come straight to UK out of high school instead of going to Purdue for a year and then transferring that the Cats would have also won the 1977 national championship.

Instead, Macy had to sit out the 1976-77 season as a transfer and UK lost to North Carolina’s “four-corners offense” in the Elite Eight.

Macy says to blame for UK teammate Rick Robey for him not coming to UK initially — and then told this story to explain why.

“When I came on my official visit to UK, Rick was my host. He had this blue Grand Torino. He was a big guy and had to almost have the seat laid back when he was driving (the car),” Macy said.

“We were driving up Rose Street, which has a little incline to it, and there was a little bit of snow that weekend.”

Macy was from Indiana but Robey was from New Orleans and likely had little — or no — experience driving in the snow.

“The street was slippery and we get going about halfway up Rose and his big Gran Torino started spinning tires,” Macy said. “He looks at me and had me get out and had me push his Gran Torino.

“I thought if I had to do this, I’m not coming. So it was Rick’s fault I didn’t initially come to UK.”

Is the story true? I don’t know and Givens also said he had never heard the story.

“It’s true,” Macy said.

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