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Eddie Gran thinks both quarterbacks throw the ball well

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops has put quarterbacks Gunnar Hoak and Terry Wilson off limits to the media, something that is no big surprise while the two are locked in a battle to be the starting quarterback for the Wildcats this season.

Most fans view the competition between Hoak, the passer, and Wilson, the runner.

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran says this is a misperception.

“I think they both throw the ball well. I think Terry for sure runs better than Gunnar, but I think they both throw the ball well,” Gran said. “They got better in the spring. The biggest thing for me was where are we going to go in the spring and it was a little bit tough in the beginning.

“But as we grew, we got better. We condensed things a little bit. Our receivers helped them and did what they were supposed to do and Coach I heard talk about getting in that space and making plays and we were able to do that.”

Gran admits the quarterback has to be a leader even though Hoak and Wilson have yet to take a snap in a college game.

“They can be different types of leaders. You look at some of the great ones in the NFL that are vocal and get after you, some that might not be that way,” Gran said. “(Last year’s quarterback) Stephen Johnson was not a big vocal guy, but he was a leader on our football team. So, at that position, you want to have that quality.”


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  1. Sounds like an edge for Wilson. Both throw the ball “well” but Wilson runs better.

    1. I think you are right. If they both throw well, then Wilson gets the nod with his running threat.

  2. Absolutely no reason for Hoak not to have gotten some snaps last year during the games where they were getting blown out or where Johnson was hurting. That kills me about this coaching staff.

    1. I agree with you about not getting snaps to the next in line QB last year, and most years.

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