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“Fans are who made UK sports.”


Guy Ramsey, director of strategic communications for UK athletics, knows some Kentucky fans feel disconnected and believe UK no longer cares about the “average” fan based on ticket, parking, donation and other issues.

However, he says Kentucky athletics knows fans are what make UK sports special and that won’t change.

“Money does go a long way and is a lot of the reason we can do what we do but it is far from everything when it comes to fans,” Ramsey said. “We recognize the best thing we can do for fans is win. The best customer service is to win games no matter where you are sitting. That’s why we have been building facilities to let student-athletes do that and it shows over the last 16 years.

“To us, fans are fans. I know there is a perception out there that believes that is not the case but regardless of anyone’s opinion the blue blood and passion fans have is the same regardless of who you are. Fans are who made UK sports. We know that.”

He says if fans have a complaint or question, tweet @ukathletics or call the main UK tickets office where “their job is customer service.”

He says problems with seating in the new UK baseball stadium are similar to those UK encountered with the football seat relocation three years ago and will face in the renovated Rupp Arena going forward.

“We admit we are learning on the fly. We are aware of some frustrations and what is going well and what isn’t,” Ramsey said. “We also realize that we can do a better job communicating with fans about a lot of things and that’s what we intend to do.”

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  1. Better job communicating with fans is not quite the same as “better job serving fans”

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