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Former high school coach suggests giving unsold tickets to high school students like UK did years ago


Lee Glasscock is a former Kentucky high school football coach that I have known for many, many years.

He’s also a passionate University of Kentucky football fan who has had former players play for the Wildcats.

Glasscock believes that all UK students should be able to attend athletic events on campus free because of what they pay to attend college.

“But if they don’t claim their tickets by two weeks prior to game , the tickets should be available to public.
There is no excuse for the upper stadium (at Kroger Field) not to be filled when they play non- power conference teams,” Glasscock said.

There could be a lot of empty seats when UK hosts Central Michigan Saturday afternoon. A week ago UK confirmed that barely 40,000 tickets had been sold for the opening game.

Glasscock has a way to help fill the empty seats.

“There’s a lot of high school coaches that would love to fill those vacant seats with their teams if they were invited when those seats are not sold,” Glasscock said. “I remember back in the 1990’s taking my whole team to some of those games when we were invited. Gosh, they made a fortune of the concessions they sold my players.

“So there are many ways to fill the stadium if the administration would reach out to the young fans in the high schools that might not be able to afford a ticket. They are making enormous amount of money from TV.
Remember that those kids you invite might make ky there choice for college.”

He also sees another huge benefit for filling the empty seats.

“This will make the stadium appear more attractive to new recruits. Just a thought Mr. (Mitch) Barnhart,” Glasscock said.

Makes sense to me. Maybe there’s a reason it can’t happen but surely there has to be a way to reach out to kids who might like to attend.


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  1. Good idea. Or put them on sale for all comers tomorrow thru Sat. at game time for $20 a ticket. Pickup tickets at the stadium at a designated place beginning 2 to 3 hours before game time. They could fill that stadium if they wanted, and make money too boot. A packed house would benefit everybody interested in this program in the long run, especially the football team and coaches. I don’t think the current big shots at UK give a “hoot” about the average UK football fan who would love to see the football Cats play live but just can’t afford it at current prices. It would be a rocking place. So the UK “bean counters” will just look at all the empty seats and complain about ter fans. Do this for every game this season until season ticket sales come back strong. The play on the field has a lot to do about that too.

  2. I agree with Larry. Let the tickets go for a cheap price to get people in the seats

    What does the University have to lose? Near term nothing, and it is a gain.

    Long term, I for one would not buy tickets for full price and wait for the Saturday morning fire sale to start each week. This is why they don’t do this.

    1. Thanks Professor, and long term you are probably right. That said, until UK fixes the rift between them and their long term season ticket holders over their reassigned seating arrangements, they are going to be faced with the empty seat problem in the short term. If they are 20,000 short on ticket sales in 2018, do something now to get people in those seats to help this football team. It don’t have to be forever. Another thing, Stoops needs to put a bona fide SEC East contender, and maybe even a champion, on the field sooner rather than later. Winning football in the SEC makes people buy tickets, even at Kentucky, and seats become harder to get. Like King said recently in a post, UK never had any trouble at all filling seats at CWS, to the tune of about 70,000, when they valued faithful football fans. This was before the new stadium upgrade that strangely wound up with less seating capacity that they can’t fill now. Not smart business.

  3. Those 20,000 unsold tickets have a face value of at least $700,000.
    I bet MB hasn’t realized that yet.
    I would think that Kroger would want those seats sold, even at a deep discount.
    These unsold seats impact Kroger’s ROI.

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