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Josh Paschal’s diagnosis “hit home” for Gunnar Hoak’s mother


When Mark Stoops announced Friday that sophomore defensive lineman Josh Paschal had malignant melanoma, it  made one forget whether he would be a defensive disruptor this season or a future NFL draft pick.

Instead, the focus turned to his health and future.

It made me worry, especially since my 9-year-old grandson just had his fourth surgery a few weeks ago for an issue doctors have not been able to successfully diagnose.

I also wonder how the parent of another player might feel, so I asked Holly Hoak. Her son is UK sophomore quarterback Gunnar Hoak.

She said Paschal’s diagnosis really “hit home” with her.

“My dad’s younger brother passed from melanoma,” Holly Hoak said. “It started with a small spot on his back. He was in his 50’s and I saw his battle.

“To see someone as young and vibrant as Josh have this … we are praying for him and coach (John) Schlarman, too. Was his injury a blessing in disguise because they found this out. Hopefully it will be a good outcome.

“There is more to life than football. This makes you put that in perspective. It certainly does for this mother and should not only for UK fans, but for everybody.”



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