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Kentucky State Reformatory wants volunteers to speak, play games to help inmates change lives

The mission of KSR Sports Outreach is for the residents of Kentucky State Reformatory (KSR) to get a positive experience through sports. This comes from different ways such as participation or spectating.

Sports is a showcase of talent and competition, it’s also an area of personal development and building character We teach discipline, teamwork, cooperation, integrity, loyalty, and unselfish behavior. We believe these qualities go beyond sports and represent success and positive relationships in all human spheres.

The KSR Sports Outreach is inviting outside basketball teams to come in and compete against our varsity squad; and share in our 1 Man Unity theme and experience. We are also inviting anyone with a prior sports background i.e. college, professional, or semi- professional to come into KSR and talk about their experiences, faith testimonies, and the values and disciplines they have learned through life and sports.

Recreation leader Chris Wilkinson heads the varsity program here at KSR. He’s creating a positive environment for the residents here at KSR to learn constructive life principles through sports interaction. His leadership and mentoring is helping men to see a better path and vision for their lives.

We hope that you will support the KSR Sports Outreach by contacting Wilkinson (502-225-6604, extension 2544, or for games and speaking engagement information.

Help make a difference in the lives of incarcerated men. Your testimony and personal experiences may help one man re-define and re-script themselves through the powerful uplifting vehicle of sports.

[1 Man Unity] is our motto: Inspire, Impact, Empower, Change


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