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Louisville receiver feels Cardinals have “upper edge talent-wise” against Alabama secondary


Some Kentucky football fans have worried that the football Cats got overshadowed by the basketball team’s exhibition games in the Bahamas.

Maybe, but it also took the focus off the football Cats and let coach Mark Stoops and his staff just concentrate on practice.

Or it could be like the attention Louisville got thanks to comments from receiver Dez Fitzpatrick. The Cardinals open the season Sept. 1 in Orlando against Alabama, the defending national champion, and are a 25-point underdog.

However, Fitzpatrick has said more than enough to make sure there’s no chance the Crimson Tide might overlook the Cardinals.

Here’s what he said at Louisville’s Media Day about Alabama’s defensive backs:

“Every receiver in our receiver corps can honestly beat every one of their DBs one-on-one in coverage. It ties into the other stuff, if the blocks are right, if the quarterback’s drop is right, we ran eight-yard routes instead of a 10-yard route, that’s the kind of stuff I feel like we need to sharpen up. But I feel like straight talent-wise, I feel like we have the upper edge against their secondary, 1,000 percent.”

Louisville’s Jaylen Smith caught 60 passes for 980 yards and seven scores last year. Fitzpatrick had 45 catches for 699 yards and nine touchdowns. Seth Dawkins made 42 receptions for 642 yards and four scores.

However, trash talking a talented Alabama secondary is not a wise move for Louisville — or any team. But it didn’t stop Fitzpatrick.

“When we watch film and other players play Bama, it’s not like Bama’s beating them, it’s like they’re beating themselves, like dropped balls that people usually don’t drop. If we don’t play nervous, if we play like we’re playing a regular team, like we’re playing Kentucky—obviously we’re not playing Kentucky—but if we just have that mindset that we’re just playing football, at the end of the day it’s football, we’ve been doing this since we were seven years old. So if we just think like that, they’re just human just like us,” Fitzpatrick said.


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  1. This is a “cocky” player letting his mouth overload reality. There is more to football than a bunch of receivers like him. I go with Alabama. That said, if Stoops can’t get a win this year against this Louisville squad he never will.

    1. Larry I hate to remind you Stoops has beaten Louisville once and yes I agree he does need to beat them again. Louisville football program is about being cocky every since you know the coach been there.

      1. No, IMO as a fan he needs to beat them every time they play Cats79. BP has had Stoops’s number. That has to change. Maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning, but I doubt it, we’ll see. For one thing Stoops has not appeared, in my view anyway, to embrace this as a must win rivalry game for UK, he soft pedals it too much. In order to dominate instate talent, especially Louisville HS football talent, this is a must win year in year out. To connect with the question about UK being a “basketball school” and not a “football school,” let me add that IMO Louisville has become more of a football school than UK, and it pains me to say it.

  2. Let’s see how cocky they are when they leave the field in Orlando with their tail between their legs. Alabama is going to give them a butt whipping! The only question will be how many games they lose because of their deep depression?

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