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Lynn Bowden learning to play fast


Kentucky fans are counting on sophomore receiver Lynn Bowden to make dramatic improvements this year and be the big playmaker the UK offense lacked most of last season.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops believes it could happen.

“He’s much further along and just like you would expect. For him, but he’d probably tell you the consistency of just going through this amount of work for this long, it’s still new,” Stoops said.

“The fall he came in late and kind of holding on trying to learn everything and we’re already in game preparation, so you don’t get the reps all summer and through camp and the struggle with the monotony of it with walk-throughs, meetings, practice and full days, so I thought he handled it well.

“And you’re going to get better and better with every opportunity and he did a good job, he’s getting better and he’s really learning to play fast. We’re playing much faster.”

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