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Mark Stoops: Jordan Jones has instincts to get to the football not every linebacker has

Jordan Jones. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


He might not have been razor sharp, but he was still good enough to tackle all-SEC running back Benny Snell one-on-one when he went through a hole in the UK defense.

Linebacker Jordan Jones has missed most of August with various injuries but coach Mark Stoops said there’s no doubt his presence at Tuesday’s practice made a big difference.

“He’s been gone a bunch, going back to the spring when he banged up his shoulder. Being out for a good portion of spring and a good portion of summer, we’ve learned to function without him at times but certainly with his experience and his playmaking ability, we love having him out there,” Stoops said.

“As far as the effect on the defense, that’s yet to be seen. Hopefully it’ll amp us up a little bit. Certainly some experience helps because when we’re playing with the freshmen, they’re talented but they’re still freshmen.”

Jones led the team in tackles in 2016. Last year he was the team’s leading tackler per game but injuries limited his activity. However, when he’s healthy and focused, he’s a difference maker any SEC team would like to have.

“He’s loose. Just his pressures, some things he does. He’s loose. He’s slippery. Both in run game and with his pressure, he’s one of those guys that just has the instincts to get to the football,” Stoops said Tuesday.

“He’s shown some signs with that again today. He hasn’t been out there much. He’s been off and on. He’s had two or three different things going on with him. Hopefully he’s back now full go. We’ll see.”

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  1. I’ll say it again:
    When you have one of the worst defenses going against one of the worst offenses everyday, there can’t be too much to hang your hat on. I’ll wait to make up my mind when I see them play against some real competition.

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