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Mitch Barnhart expects progress from football team that looks like a SEC team now

UK quarterbacks at Media Day. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


Athletics director Mitch Barnhart gave his annual state of the Wildcats talk to beging Kentucky’s Football Media Day Friday and went over a variety of subjects before taking questions. The first one was what would he consider success for the football team this year, a question he gets most seasons.

Enjoy his answer:

“I think that, always talk about improvement. We’ve continued to make strides. So when I was talking to someone the other day, they said, ‘I remember when’ – I look at our team and always think, gosh, we’re undersized and we’re smaller than most SEC teams, and that same person said, ‘Boy, I came to through the football facility the other day and we’re big. We’re a big group of guys. We’ve got some big-time players and a big group,'” Barnhart said.

“We have a big group of guys that we look like an SEC football team. Our front lines on both sides of the ball are physical. They look physically big, like we belong in there and I don’t know that we’ve always had that kind of depth, so I’m hopeful that will help us as we sustain. You always sustain some injuries in this league. That’s part of it.

“But we want to take a step. We’ve been to two bowl games in a row. We’d like to get to that third bowl game and we’d like to win one of those and make some progress in that. It’s important. That’s what all of our folks want to see, and we understand that. There’s no one that — that doesn’t slip up on anybody.

So to take a step in the SEC standings, to take a step in the postseason, all of those things are important, and we understand that.


But I look at our team and I look at the talent, talking to some of our coaches and talking to some people that follow our team from a professional — from the professional scouts that follow it – they say this is as good a group of students as we’ve had on our campus in a long time.


I know these kids have worked awfully hard. We have watched them all summer. They look great. They have put in a lot of hard work and I think they are ready to go. Schedule is always hard that. Doesn’t change. We’re in the Southeastern Conference. That will not change.

So we’ll load up and get going and see what happens.”


  1. It is talking season now, go back it up CATS!!!

  2. We will see for ourselves on September 1.

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