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Paul Biancardi on Cats: “They have a teachable spirit.”

Nick Richards. PJ Washington. (Chet/White UK Athletics Photo)


Kentucky’s basketball team is loaded with talent. Most knew that before Kentucky played four exhibition games in the Bahamas, but now everyone has seen the Cats and knows how good John Calipari’s team is.

However, ESPN recruiting director Paul Biancardi also thinks this team has an intangible quality that is going to make it really, really good.

“These are great kids,” Biancardi said. “These kids play with such great passion. They play for th team they play on.”

Biancardi says Calipari’s team has “elite team” but also look extremely coachable from all he’s seen and knownn.

“They all have a teachable spirit. They want to learn and have a shot at winning a national championship and then going to the NBA,” Biancardi said. “This is a really coachable, really high character team. You can see they all have bought in and believe in Cal and what he wants to do.”


  1. Once again Cal has a team that is willing to share the spotlight with a lot of other very talented players. The Cats have done great things with teams like that. Like going 38-0 before losing in the Final 4 (to a clearly inferior team). They play basketball as it should be played. The way Rupp taught us all it was supposed to be. Team basketball. It is a team sport. In football you have a lot of players who don’t get their name called a lot. In baseball there are roles to play and pitchers don’t get to pitch every day. But in basketball sometimes one guy or a few guys carry the load in every way. Most of those teams fail at being great IMO.

    UK has had some truly special teams. They had a guy who didn’t start get selected as a lottery pick (Booker). They had a #1 draft choice take the 4th most shots on a national championship team (Davis and as we all know now he could score from anywhere all along). They had a platoon system that would cause many players who think they are special run for the hills.

    Calipari has sold team ball to his teams. Not all of them but most. He is an amazing coach. They should call him Calipari The Great as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Outstanding post!

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