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Prayer helped UK offensive lineman Kenneth Horsey keep faith after open heart surgery

Kenneth Horsey (68) at UK’s Media Day. (Vicky Graff Photo)


I knew I got worried when I needed a recent stress test. I’m 66 years old and just the thought that something could be wrong scared me.

That made me have to ask Kentucky freshman offensive lineman Kenneth Horsey how he kept from being scared when he had to have open heart surgery in April in Florida.

His answer was not what you might expect from an 18-year-old football player.

“Prayer. Easy as that. No matter what, we always got to give God glory in the good times and bad times,” Horsey said. “The Lord blessed me. He gave me my family — my mom and dad, my two sisters, my grandma, some aunts that flew down.

“They were a good support system for me through the good, the bad and the ugly. Even before that they were always there to support me and it was a blessing to have them. That’s what kept me going and kept me strong.”

He readily admits the support he got from UK fans after his surgery helped. Same with the way the UK coaches and players responded by calling and praying for him even when he wasn’t positive if he would even be able to play this season.

He said the coaches told his future offensive line teammates and “they would hit my phone up saying they were praying for me.” He said that meant a lot to him at a time he needed support.

He has a simple, realistic expectation because he knows he’s lucky just to be part of the team.

“My expectation for the season is just to do what I can to help the team win. If that means learning from Bunchy (Stallings) and George (Asafo-Adjei) the first year and then stepping in and doing what I can next year or if that means being in the rotation this year or being a starter … I learned from that process it’s not about me,” Horsey said.

“It’s about the team and doing what I can to help the team win, so I am going to do what I can to do that.”


  1. The power of God in our lives is unlimited. I had stage 3 cancer almost 30 years ago. It was one of the most aggressive types of cancer. I was given maybe 6 months to live. 6X the normal dose of chemotherapy kept my tumors from spreading or growing but they did not shrink as revealed by dozens of scans. On a Sunday evening the elders of my church laid hands on me and prayed for my recovered. I had another scan the following Tuesday. Every tumor was gone.

    God is real and miracles do happen.

    1. Great story King. Thanks for sharing that

    2. We serve a “Mighty God” King. He is able to do far above what we ask or even think. You are indeed blessed.

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