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Scott County offensive lineman Bryan Hudson felt UK was “basketball school” so he’s going to Virginia Tech


Bryan Hudson grew up going to University of Kentucky football games, visited Kentucky numerous times and was offered a scholarship by Kentucky coach Mark Stoops when he was a sophomore.

He also lives in Scott County, which is only about 20 minutes from the UK campus.

Yet the Scott County senior offensive lineman has already decided he’ll play his college football at Virginia Tech, not Kentucky. Of course, he also turned down Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Florida among the 24 total scholarship offers he had.

So why Virginia Tech over UK? That’s a question numerous UK fans have asked me since April when Hudson made his decision. Saturday night I got to spend some time with him at the Tyler Hicks Memorial Scholarship Banquet at Scott County and I asked him what, if anything, UK did wrong recruiting him.

“Actually, to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to Virginia Tech or hear much about Virginia Tech growing up. They offered and the more I looked into it and got to know the coaches and visited, I just fell in love with it and how much of a football school they are, the game day atmosphere, the school itself,” Hudson said. “Everything just kind of fit me better than anywhere. Not that other schools did not fit, but that was place for me.

“I really liked the UK coaching staff, the football team. Even though it is so close to home, it never really felt like somewhere that I felt I needed to be.”

The key words here to me were that that “how much of a football school” he felt Virginia Tech was. I remember former Madison Southern running back Damien Harris saying the same thing when he picked Alabama.

Does Hudson, and other football recruits, see UK as only a basketball school then?

“I wanted to be play at a football school, somewhere … it’s hard to put into words. I just felt Kentucky was more of a basketball school, so I felt like Virginia Tech fit me better,” Hudson said. “Football is the main sport at Virginia Tech, and I liked that.”

Distance was also not a concern for him. He didn’t want to play on the west coast, but a five-hour drive to Virginia Tech versus a 20-minute drive to UK didn’t impact him.

“It didn’t matter too much to me how far or how close. Distance didn’t really factor in to me. I just wanted something within reason driving-wise and Virginia Tech certainly fit that,” Hudson said.


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  1. I do not think it is a basketball school vs a football school! It is more of where an individual feels the most comfortable playing. Why do you like a particular girl and not another one? When it comes to personal likes and dislikes, there is no right or wrong! We like to put clear labels on decisions, but sometimes there is no clear cut reason. Why in families are some members UK fans and others UL fans?

    I was never of the mind set that Kentucky boys should stay in state to play sports. I think you need to go where your heart leads you and where you feel at home. Most of the fans of teams are older and the reasoning of an 18 year old does not make much sense to us. They say that the reasoning part of the brain does not fully develop until around 25 years of age.

    This is why I think that parent need to give their perspective to young athletes. In the end, there is no right or wrong, just a feeling in your heart.

  2. I will take some heat here, but I can see why Bryan feels that way. We are less than a month away from the football opener against CM, yet all we hear about is Calipari’s team of super stars. It should be football’s turn in the limelight. I have been following UK football faithfully since before the Bradshaw era. I am a UK football fan first, but football is second fiddle at UK, and still is. Kentucky is a basketball school first. My goodness, it never stops. The bulk of UK’s fan base statewide support the basketball team, and many could care less about the football team. Their own student body bears that out with row on row of empty seats at game time. To say otherwise would be a mild case of blindness. Progress has been made in stadium improvement, and facilities, recruiting, etc. and that is a great start, but there is so much more to be done. My goodness just look across the SEC in general, football rules. It is a football driven conference, and UK has been for years everyone’s “whipping boy.” The best football players in the Commonwealth should have a burning desire to play for the state’s flagship school, but I have seen many great football players over the years pass on UK time and time again, why? I am glad progress has been made, but apparently not enough for players like Hudson. Consistent winning on the gridiron would be the best remedy.

  3. Winning does that for a program.

  4. Not knocking on his decision, ok if that’s the case is Virginia tech a football school ? He had offers from big time football schools and decides to a go to a school that’s rarely on the football radar. So why he’s knocking on UK weathers it’s a football school or not ! It seems like he had a bad taste for Mark Stoops and the crew.

  5. Hudson is talking about atmosphere around their football program, that’s all. It is front and center, not sandwiched in between basketball like at UK. Frank Beamer had the Hokies winning big time before he exited. They were a national power not long ago. Anybody who follows football knows Virginia Tech is a proud football program and a formidable foe anytime you line up against them. One of our own coached them at one time, Jerry Claiborne.

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