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Sophomore Josh Paschal “dealing with surgeries,” waiting for clearance to be able to resume training

Josh Paschal, left (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


Kentucky sophomore Josh Paschal continues to get treatment for the malignant melanoma that was found on his foot in July.

“He has a meeting this week with his treatment team and he’s out indefinitely until we tell you otherwise,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said Monday.

Paschal went from being a player considered a possible huge playmaker for the UK defense to a player not certain about his playing future.

Stoops said it was impossible to predict when or if Paschal would be back playing.

He has been “around a bunch” even while he’s not been able to practice. Most of his interaction with teammates come in the training room when he’s getting treatment.

“He’s been dealing with the surgeries. The most recent one was a skin graft. It wasn’t as invasive as the previous one. Helps heal the bottom of the foot,” Stoops said. “He’s kind of getting through all that.

“He’ll be more excited when he can be up moving and getting around. They’re telling him as soon as that heals up he can get in there and lift weights and things like that. I know he’s excited about that.”

Stoops said his players are handling Paschal’s illness as well as the cancer that offensive line coach John Schlarman is battling — including chemotherapy treatments — as well as could be expected.

“Going back to the first meetings and telling these guys and talking through that, you could definitely hear a pin drop,” Stoops said. “They definitely want to rally around these guys and they do.”

Stoops isn’t asking his players to rally around Paschal or Schlarman — or offensive lineman Landon Young that went down with a season-ending knee injury Friday.

“I promise you there’s a bunch of love for those guys. We are going to recognize them a bit this season because we’re thinking about them,” Stoops said.


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  1. Praying daily for Josh Paschal. and Coach Schlarman. This was a real blow to the UK football family, and the fans.

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