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Stoops pleased with both quarterbacks and offense in general

Mark Stoops (UK Athletics Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops is not quite ready to name a starting quarterback but he indicated after Saturday’s scrimmage that he’s about ready to announce how the competition between sophomores Gunnar Hoak and Terry Wilson is going.

“I think we have to settle in and see where we’re going to go. We wanted to wait with totally open minds through this scrimmage and give them all an equal opportunity,” Stoops said. “We were very close on the snaps; I think we were about dead even with Terry and Gunnar.  

“We have to look at this film.  They both did some good things today, so that’s good.  I think the offense in general moved the ball pretty good. We’ll zero in on that probably when we get closer to the Monday of game week.”

Stoops said the offense played with more urgency than it did in a scrimmage a week ago when he was openly disappointed. He cited a catch sophomore receiver Tavin Richardson made for a touchdown that he thought was going to be an interception.

“We worked hard all week on offense,” the head coach said. “I like the work we are doing and the mentality we have. They did a lot of good things and had great urgency.

“Defensively it was hard to judge. Very inconsistent. Have to look at film and see. We are very thin at certain positions and knew it would look quite ugly and it was. Got to get some guys healthy and get a solid two-deep.”

Stoops said the team had a lot of “nagging” injuries after a rugged week of practice but did not seem to indicate anyone had a serious injury that might impact playing time when the season starts.


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  1. 4-8 or 5-7 this season. Get ready for the calls for a coaching change to get into high gear by the start of basketball season.

  2. Not a real good report overall IMO with less than two weeks to go before the opener, Especially his comments on the UK defense, and the nagging injuries.

  3. it is still the talking season. Wake me up when the talk is replaced by action on the field of play against real opponents. Only then will we know what this team brings to the game, and I believe we will have a reliable reading on that question by 8 pm Saturday after next.

  4. Kash Daniel tells it like it is. Come on defense, your turn.

  5. Over the years, including during Stoops reign, the UK defense has made an awful lot of qb’s look like the second coming of Aaron Rodgers. You can’t get a feel for UK’s offense against one of the worst defenses in the SEC. When one of the worst defenses is playing against one of the worst offenses, I think you can get a little confused.

    1. ^^^^ This

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